Achieving a holistic view of student wellbeing and progress

This free webinar focuses on how specialist providers are overcoming their unique challenges surrounding student data, especially when it comes to recording serious incidents, and monitoring student behaviour and progress throughout their journey at the institution.

Using a student scenario the webinar shows how teachers, pastoral tutors and residential staff members can all contribute to an online system to record multiple incidents and achieve one version of the truth.

  • Respond to Ofsted's call for much greater rigour in assessment, target setting and monitoring progress;
  • Track all elements of the entire student journey unique to specialist providers;  
    Report on a range of aspects of student behaviour;
  • Share live information on all students via a staff portal designed for specialist provision;
    Embed Continuous Quality Improvement best practice in the organisation;
  • Link quality improvement plans to robust, evidenced-base self-assessment judgements.