Since the dawn of education-oriented mobile apps just a few years ago (back then only the top 10% of universities and colleges had adopted them), we’ve been following the rise as more and more educators embrace technology to transform their student communications.  Check out the results of Tribal’s latest Student Survey.

According to our global research in 2016, mobile apps are integral to the average student’s lifestyle and top education providers were beginning to embrace the opportunity to transform their student communications through private social networks and branded education-oriented mobile apps.

To monitor the advances in Student Experience since– we recently launched a new survey asking students what they think of the current education-oriented apps at their disposal, and what they would like to see in future. We targeted advertising at FE and HE student demographics in UK and APAC.

Areas covered were:

  • Campus Life,
  • Communication and Collaboration,
  • Courses and Performance, and
  • Expected Improvement from using education oriented-mobile apps.
  • Favourite, least favourite and expected features of the apps were also covered.