The Quality Mark Improvement Route is designed for schools in an improvement category.


It focuses on supporting your school to evidence improvement based on your priorities in English and mathematics.

Tribal's Quality Mark Improvement Route provides schools with objective, highly skilled Improvement Specialists as well as the framework to promote continuous quality improvement in line with the school's priorities.
It increases your capacity to improve and provides you with the evidence that improvement is taking place. 

Why primary schools choose Quality Mark to continuously improve the quality of their provision

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Improve pupil outcomes in English and mathematics

Provide the framework and guidance to support continuous improvement and ensure English and maths priorities are being addressed.

Prepare for inspection

Evidence your school's quality improvement, ready for inspection and ensure rigorous self-evaluation identifies strengths, prioritises key areas for development and identifies the impact of your practice.

Access relevant and cost-effective specialist support

Receive support, advice and guidance from credible and highly skilled Improvement Specialists in a way that increases the capacity of your leadership and staff.

Embed a consistent approach to quality

Achieve and embed a consistent approach to quality improvement for the whole school or setting with this all-phase framework for UK  and global education markets.

Benefit from external assessment, validation, support and challenge

Get an independent external evaluation of the quality of provision in English and mathematics; validate priorities; and receive clear feedback and targets to support your improvement journey.

Provide staff with the scaffold to improve their practice

Benefit from an improvement framework founded on educational research and internationally shared views of effective teaching and learning that supports your staff's development in the provision of English and mathematics.

Completing the Quality Mark


Quality Mark activity can stand alone or complement and integrate with other local and/or national initiatives to improve pupils' achievements. A Quality Mark Improvement Visit is carried out for the sole purpose of supporting continuous improvement and is a bespoke model which is matched to your needs at the time of the visit. In collaboration with settings, Improvement Specialists will identify key areas of strength but mostly importantly, areas for improvement. This will be done by drawing upon (but not exclusively to):

      • The extent to which settings are meeting the elements within the Quality Mark standards
      • Previous Quality Mark reports (if applicable)
      • Inspection report/s
      • Local Authority improvement reports
      • Other external reports ie. Consultants, other quality standards
      • Data – internal and external 

All practitioners, and others involved with the setting should be involved in the journey. Involvement in the process contributes to the development of leadership and management skills such as communication, action planning, monitoring and evaluating, in a practical context and with a tangible outcome.

Leaders, trust board members and governing bodies will find that work undertaken as part of the Improvement Route offers a meaningful context in which to monitor and evaluate the quality of provision, practice and outcomes. It will also demonstrate how they are actively carrying out their role to drive continuous improvement.

Improvement Specialists will use the Quality Mark standard as the baseline assessment tool in all settings. This process will evaluate the setting’s overall quality of provision in English and mathematics. In doing this, Improvement Specialists will be able to provide settings with clear feedback and targets to promote further improvement and support their improvement journey. Once you have emerged into a good or better inspection status, you would then transfer onto the Quality Mark award pathway.

The Quality Mark elements

The Quality Mark framework comprises 10 elements (11 for secondary settings). As part of the Improvement Route, your school is assessed against these elements. Your school will achieve the award once you emerge from an improvement category and demonstrate that the criteria for all are met and can provide evidence that participation in the award has had a positive impact on your provision and practice. 

1. A whole school strategy and planning to improve performance in English and mathematics
2. An analysis of the assessment of pupil performance in English and mathematics
3. Target setting for the improvement of performance in English and mathematics
4. English and mathematics planning and intervention for all groups of pupils
5. Review of progress made by all groups of pupils in English and mathematics
6. A commitment to improving the skills of staff in the application of English and mathematics in the school
7. The use of a range of teaching approaches and learning styles to improve English and mathematics
8. The use of appropriate teaching and learning resources to improve English and mathematics
9. The involvement of parents and carers in developing their child’s English and mathematics
10. An effective procedure for monitoring planning and assessing performance in English and mathematics
11. Provision to enable all pupils to gain appropriate national accreditation in English and mathematics (Applies to Secondary schools only)


Oakdene Primary and Infant School

"It’s very much current. The Quality Mark agenda reflects national policy and absolutely dovetails with pedagogy but also has the flexibility other accreditations or processes are unable to offer."

– Liz Bramley, Executive Head Teacher




Bilton Grange Primary School

"We believe it provides an evaluative monitoring role which is important in maintaining a strong focus for school improvement and (the assessor) is a very experienced professional whose judgement we greatly value."

– Judith Ratcliffe, Headteacher

Stannington First School

"I feel that the benefits are many, the greatest being another pair of eyes, not working in the school, who can challenge, question and offer advice as to how we can improve further." 

Helen Stokoe, Headteacher

Westoe Crown Primary School

"I would highly recommend Quality Mark assessment as an ‘enhanced’ MOT/health check to drive forward improvement in literacy and numeracy standards. The periodic reviews are timely and the quality of feedback has been consistently outstanding over many years." 

 - Steve Price, Headteacher

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