Whitepaper: Applying globally accepted and proven benchmarking techniques to tackle today’s post-secondary
education (PSE) challenges


Repeatedly we observe post-secondary education institutions and systems around the world turning to the practice of benchmarking to inform their strategic responses to an ever-changing and challenging landscape. 
Numerous examples illustrate how institutions use the discipline to bring into play the concept of continuous quality improvement, the practice of effective resourcing, and the requirement to treat resourcing and financial/organisational/student performance not in isolation, but as interdependent components.
This paper examines the current issues faced by PSE institutions that are common around the globe, and illustrates how benchmarking techniques are being deployed to overcome these challenges.

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  1. The case for Global Benchmarking in the post-secondary sector
  2. Improving strategic decision-making to drive institutions forwards with confidence
    1. Using data to mitigate risk and improve the institution’s financial position in the face of sector restructure
    2. Data-driven educational policy and strategy
    3. Right-sizing and modelling the impact of changing enrolment patterns to improve
      recruitment strategies
  3. The value of benchmarking to identify and address improvement opportunities in
    PSE systems
  4. Supporting effective governance
  5. Conclusion and comment