Software, services and above all, expertise.

Tribal is not just about market-leading software. Our Merger Transition Service draws upon experts from multiple disciplines to deliver comprehensive, proven transition support for FE providers going through the process of merger.


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Merger Transition - a quality-led project

All too often the focus of a merger falls onto technology rather than outcomes. Our focus is always quality which is why we manage merger transition as a quality project rather than a technology project. In this way, your new organisation/structure and all your stakeholders benefit from not merely a market-leading MIS technology implementation, but can be assured of policies, practices and procedures informed by best practice and defined in quality terms.


  • Proven process
    • Transition methodology aligned to academic year 
    • Capacity and experience to migrate frmo all major MIS systems
  • Out-of-the-box MIS
    • Incorporate best practice
    • Accelerate deployment
    • Adopt standard solutions
  • Quality in systems and processes
    • MIS and Data Management/Funding specialists
    • Curriculum experts
    • Continuous Quality Improvement and inspection-readiness experts
  • Cloud ready
    • Cloud-ready, standards-based solution supporting any cloud strategy
  • Mitigated risk
    • Minimal disruption to business-as-usual
    • Safeguarding negative inspection quality
    • Operational stability 

Benchmarking: helping senior managers make informed investment decisions

Tribal's Benchmarking service gives objective analysis of the financial and operational management of merging colleges, modelling the impact of restructure, informing resource allocation and analysing distance travelled.


"The Tribal benchmarking service was a key element of due diligence in the proposed merger between City and Islington and Westminster Kingsway Colleges. The work saved us considerable time in achieving like for like comparisons."



Tribal have worked with over 70% of UK colleges to ensure that their data is current and relevant to economic conditions. Whether your institution is building financial resilience, tackling the implications and issues presented by your area review process or seeking an objective view of one or more sets of college finances, our benchmarking solutions deliver a wide-range of performance improvement benefits with demonstrable Return on Investment.


Use Tribal Benchmarking to gain the strategic insight that helps you drive organisational improvement and achieve better student outcomes.

  • Shape your cost base to improve student outcomes
  • Identify specific investment needs
  • Identify immediate financial savings and medium to long-term cost reduction opportunities
  • Multiple benchmarks - see how your college compares to best practice, colleges with similar characteristics (e.g. size, multi-site, student profile, course offer)
  • Monitor growth or cost reduction plans